What My Sockpuppets Are Saying

images-4No, humorless fools, I do not have any real sockpuppets. No one is saying anything about my new book because — it hasn’t even been published yet!

But here are some things I hope people will say:

Blood Diva is the bestest book ever!

It’s like Dexter if Dexter were a female vampire who used to be a hooker.

Finally, vampire erotica for opera lovers!

I prefer this version of Violetta meets Germont to the original.

La Traviata with vampires!

Who doesn’t love a beautiful sociopath?

New Excerpt Up, Still Editing

search-2Still hoping the E-ARCs will be out by the end of the month. Maybe I should’ve crowdsourced for a copy editor. It would have saved me a lot of time. But I just don’t get how you ask strangers or even friends for stuff like that, so back to the salt mines and by salt mines I mean reading the book while listening to an artificial voice read it aloud to me. Again and again and again. I will do this until every single typo is gone, there’s consistency in all abbreviations, capitalization, usage etc, and all those stupid repetitive words have been changed. I will stop only when like Oscar Wilde I find that

Progress Report — The Twitterverse and More

jpeg-1Per the previous post, the Guardian’s willingness to review a “self-published book of the month” is huge, but the reality is the review is posted online only (kind of like a lot of books) and away from the rest of the book blog lest there be any contamination or chance that anyone not looking for it will find it. Honestly, trying to find it is like navigating in New Jersey without a GPS.  This month’s premiere review managed to