Keeping Up Appearances

Trying to keep up with my blogging is hard work. While I work on the next really life changing post about Mystic Falls versus Sunnydale or something, I thought I’d just share this video clip I found on the youtube. It’s images of Marie Duplessis and her fictional counterparts. What they do to Verdi here is truly criminal so you might want to turn off the sound, but the visuals really show how the myth of Marie has continued to invade our consciousness.

This is HUGE

blooddivajpghigh2Heading into the homestretch here…

Blood Diva is now live on NetGalley. For those of you who don’t know, NetGalley is a site where “professional readers” — reviewers, book bloggers, librarians and the rest (YSWIDT) get to download DRM copies of books for FREE.  I’m doing this through Patchwork Press Cooperative, so they are managing things, including deciding who is “approved”. I’m staying out of that, but if you are a reviewer and a NetGalley reader who didn’t get approved, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I’d love some pre-publication reviews, which can be posted on Goodreads. Also if you aren’t following on twitter or facebook, please click those neat little icons in the upper right corner. Thank you much.

Do Vamps Have Souls? There Will Be a Quiz

I thought I’d take a break from proofreading my book, and answer this super important question you may have googled: Do vampires have souls?

It depends on whose vampires you are talking about.

imgresThe original vamps were basically dead people who walked around and got into all sorts of trouble. Blood drinking was only a part of it. They returned to sleep in their coffins though how they managed to get in and out is a mystery. In any case because people who believe in souls believe that the soul leaves the body at death and vampires generally “die” before they wake up vamp, then vampires have no souls.

Where do the souls go?

One Neat Trick to Proofread Your Book

fycexitjrphkc1ibqyyd077ko1_400The editing process for Blood Diva has proved endless. Of course, for “real” (traditionally) published books there are several layers of editing and it can take MONTHS to ready a book for publication. You know what? It should take even longer for self-published works. It’s not that self-editing can’t be done, but I don’t believe it should ever be purely “self” editing. There have to at least be beta readers, and maybe one brave soul going over a “final” version for typos. However, ultimately, if you aren’t paying for it, no one else is responsible for editing or proofreading your work. And if you are self-publishing, even if you are “paying for it,” ultimately you’re still responsible.