Lemme Show You Something or The Joy of Indie-pendence

imgresThose of you who’ve been following along, know this isn’t my first tango. I’ve sold a book or two under my “real name.” But somehow I’m more excited this time. Maybe because the last “full-length novel” I published was something I’d been carrying around for years. It came close (but no cigar) to grabbing the attention of a very important agent or two. I had “friends” when I started sending….

It’s (A)LIVE!

its aliveJust wanted to let all friends, followers and the merely curious know that the SLOW RELEASE has started. Blood Diva is now live at the Kindle StoreB&N for Nook, Kobo and iBooks for 99 cents. The price won’t last more than a few days.It’s both a courtesy to readers and a marketing ploy. It’s as close as I can come to giving away my book without giving away my book. If you hate Amazon go elsewhere and buy the book for for 99 cents – until the sale ends.