Drowning in a Sea of Books

imgresI was hoping by this time to do an in depth post on the “indie book biz” thing explaining to you (the reader, and probably a fellow author, because who isn’t these days?) exactly what has worked and what hasn’t on my road to bestsellerdom.

However, I do not appear to be on the road to bestsellerdom. I have not found the on ramp. I’m not sure where am I, maybe stuck in the mud somewhere in the swamps of Jersey. It’s foggy here, cold and dark.

Anatomy Lessons

imgres-1I stalk the web sometimes looking for posts about Marie Duplessis in a desperate attempt to find my book’s “target audience.” Stalking is never a good thing, but at least I’m not going after my critics. My search hasn’t resulted in many new readers, but it has exposed me to some interesting blogs. One is Symbol Reader. Aside from the Jungian analysis of La Traviata, I was intrigued by a “non-Marie-related” post about a painting, The Anatomy of a Heart, by Enrique Simonet Lombardo.