8/10/14 Slow Release for Blood Diva Because We Like It Slowww…

imagesThe best things in life should never be rushed.

Blood Diva, the sexy, postmodern, Marie Duplessis vampire novel will be gradually released beginning this Sunday, August 10th. We’re taking it nice and easy for your pleasure.

The Kindle version will be up on Sunday, on sale for a very limited time for 99 cents. The book will be is available within a couple more days on Nook and Kobo. (Probably itunes as well.) It will not be “exclusive” or “select’ to anywhere, so epub fans rejoice! 99 cent sale ends soon!

(Also just for laughs the FIRST person to leave a comment below identifying the people in the above picture, what’s going on, and one more detail will get a paperback sent to them FREE in the US — or an ebook if not in the US.)

BloodDiva-Cover-Draft2For you professional reader types who don’t want to pay the 99 cents, the eARCs will still be on NetGalley after the release.

Due to both circumstances that should have been foreseen and ones that couldn’t have been, the paperback release will come a little later – by or before September 8th. Once the paperback is ready, there will be giveaways on Goodreads and the usual places. So if that’s where you like to hang, friend the author and stay tuned!

swagWill there be swag? Sure,finely crafted mugs with the cover image, but who knows what else? (Feel free to make suggestions)

And the best part? We’re going on tour – with the fabulous Bewitching Book Tours, so contact them if you want to participate.

Meantime, you can always get up dates on facebook or twitter.

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