Amazon Comes Through — Get Your UPDATED Version of Blood Diva Today!


They say she died for loveGood news! Per my previous post, there were some embarrassing uncorrected errors in the version of Blood Diva that went out free (June 22-26). As soon as a reader alerted me, and I realized what had happened (an older version had been uploaded by mistake in December) I made the corrections and wrote Amazon suggesting they alert readers. I don’t believe they’ve done so yet, and they might not as they only use the “alert” in extreme cases, BUT I discovered this morning, they have made the “updated” version available to readers. Updates are FREE. So yay Amazon!

I would URGE you to please get the update — no matter when you purchased.

Here’s how: (1) Go into your Amazon account on your computer. (2) Go to “manage your content and devices.” (3) Search for Blood Diva. (4) Click “actions.” You should see “Get latest version” as one of your options. (I’m not sure if that’s the exact wording.) (5) Just click and you’re done!

action devices

And if you haven’t gotten your copy of Blood Diva yet, and are sitting there going, “Wait, what? I coulda got it for free?” here’s some good news: You still can. Click here to find out how.



Mea Culpa! Mea Culpa! And Also Someone Else’s Culpa!

Gentle Readers:

Did you download a freebie of Blood Diva during last week’s freebie extravaganza, or anytime since December 2014? If you did, you may find a few small but significant errors, for which I apologize (profusely and on my knees).  You will be able to get the corrected version free from your “manage my content and devices” page (but you should probably wait till Wednesday, July 1st for the changes to go live You will be able to get the updated version for free soon. Apparently this is a process that involves my pleading with Amazon.

How did this horrific thing happen? 

You Can Still Get Blood Diva FREE. Here’s How…

blooddiva_pass2 (1)The never to be repeated five days of Blood Diva totally FREE on Kindle are over. Will this help boost sales of my well-reviewed but not exactly bestselling sexy, campy, vampire masterpiece for high-brow types who like a little smut with their serving of culture and deep philosophical musings? Aside from me, who cares?

This post is about you, gentle reader, and how you can still read Blood Diva for FREE.