Marie Duplessis

Marie Duplessis in Five Pins

Sheridan Harbridge in  Songs for the Fallen

The picture to your right is from a play — a modern cabaret, performed in Australia, starring it’s creator, Sheridan Harbridge. It imagines Marie Duplessis’ last birthday.

I’d like you to know Marie. She’s all around. Marie Duplessis inspired me to write Blood Diva She’s inspired paintings, novels, movies, plays, operas and ballets. Some of them take place in the time she lived, many are set later. If you want to know more about that or who she was, you can read up on her. I’ll try to keep this post mostly visual.

Imposter Begging for Book Reviews

There is a person whose name I have never mentioned on this site (and never will). She had what Michelle Bachman referred to as the enormous chutzpah to take partial credit for writing Blood Diva. Legally, I can’t stop her. We have an agreement, and she has let me post a few times on her blog (which I understand is read only by her hundreds of cats), so for that at least I should be grateful. (To read the rest of this fascinating and essential port, click the green “read more” button on your right.)

The Hunger by Whitley Strieber — Your Vampy Book Review

imgresBack in September, I wrote a review of the film version of, The Hunger a movie best remembered for a love scene between a vampy Catherine Deneuve, and a fetching Susan Sarandon. Good times!

imgres-1As I said then, the movie, which I first saw years ago, may have influenced the sensual and sensuous vampires I created in Blood Diva. But the movie is a mess. The ending made no sense whatsoever and was tacked on at the studio’s insistence in case there was a sequel. But taking that second look at it, made me curious about the book. (Click “read more” to continue.)