Coffee, Tea, or Mate de Coca?

Would you like this beautiful mug? (Ginormous cat not included). I am planning to give some of these gorgeous mugs to people who help me promote my book. Nothing untoward here. I am not talking about writing reviews in exchange for a mug or anything like that. I am saying, if you read Blood Diva and like it enough to take your mug to work where it will be seen by a 100 clients every day and you will tell them what a totally awesome book it is, I would send you a mug — especially if you live in the US because it will cost me way too much to send it overseas.

Also if you not only tweeted the book, but tweeted a selfie of you reading the book (clothing optional) to your 10k followers, then you should get mugged.

If you loved the book so much that you are willing to go to forums in the darkest corners of the internet (or Amazonia) just to say nice things about your reading experience, even though some troll other participant will say, “HA! You are meat puppet willing to work for cheap ceramics,” then you deserve a nice cuppa in your own Blood Diva mug.

If you own a bookstore and want a mug so badly you are willing to give up some valuable shelf space to sell the book — it is yours! I’ll even throw in the cat. (No, I will not throw in the the cat.)

There are probably many other things that would make you mugworthy, but I can’t think of them because I suck at marketing.

So if you don’t suck at marketing, love the book, and want a mug, then please tell me what you have done or plan to do that makes you muggable. Send an email.

Disclosure: Mug is normal size. May look smaller next to humongous feline.



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