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What's the skinny?

What’s the skinny?

Here’s your LAST chance to WIN A $75 AMAZON GIFT CERTIFICATE. Big Al’s Books & Pals review blog — the folks who like Blood Diva so much they reviewed it TWICE, have nominated my novel for a Reader’s Choice Spotlight Award. No, I am NOT buying your vote, but if you go over and vote for any of the nominees, you might win the gift certificate or other prizes. So please take a look! (Contest ends midnight tonight: 3/28.) And yes you can enter from anywhere in the world! IMPORTANT: If you do want to vote for Blood Diva — it’s listed in the “paranormal category.” You can check out reviews and free samples for all nominated books. The more categories you vote in, the better your chances of winning a prize.

blooddiva_pass2 (1)Second, did you know that the Blood Diva ebook is on sale at Amazon and other venues this week only for 99 cents? (Sale end midnight Sunday 3/28) What else can you buy for 99 cents? Beats me! This is a very limited time offer. The price goes up Monday to an astronomical $3.99. The paperback is also available for $12.15 at Amazon  – down from the suggested retail price of $14.99.

But wait, there’s more! Reviews on Amazon can help a book gain more exposure and more readers, so if you have a track record (two or more recent reviews on Amazon), are interested in reading Blood Diva, and can commit to writing a review, you are eligible to get a free copy. Please see complete details here and ASK FOR YOUR FREE COPY TODAY.


Ginormous cat not included.

And as if all the above isn’t enough, I’m still not done. If you are willing to take on some above and beyond the call of duty efforts in sharing your enthusiasm and support for Blood Diva, for example by posting a selfie on social media of you reading the paperback,or frequently tweeting about the book to your followers, or coming up with your own idea to help spread the word,  you may be mug worthy!

For those of you who just stumbled over and still aren’t sure why you would even want to read Blood Diva, or vote it an award — please check out the home page for links to reviews, interviews, and more.

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