Save a Tree or Not – Who Says You Can’t Buy Indie-Books at Brick & Mortar Stores?

images-2Let’s not get into the politics of this, or the economics – been there and done that on another post long ago. It’s the holiday season and you need to spend your monies. FOR AMERICA. And if you are one of those people who for whatever reason prefers to spend locally rather than up the Amazon, here are some local New York City bookstores where you can get Blood Diva. They won’t have it in stock, but you can stop by the store and have a salesperson order the paperback for you. Or you could order online and have it sent to your home or pick it up in the store, maybe look around while you’re there. Or you could just order the ebook online (but from a local store) and start reading it now.

A Production of La Traviata

A Production of La Traviata

Weird, like you know.

Weird, like you know.

Why would you want to even buy Blood Diva? Maybe you read a review here or there. Maybe you’re involved with a production of La Traviata and someone told you that you “had to” read it. Or you read an excerpt that gave you that weird feeling? Perhaps, you want to read a great story you can sink your… sorry about that. Alright. Two words: Vampire Courtesans!

So here are some old-timey stores where you can get Blood Diva (or just about any other indie-book):

Greenlight Bookstore (Brooklyn)blooddiva_pass2 (1)

McNally Jackson (Soho, Manhattan)

St Mark’s Bookshop (East Village, Manhattan)

Book Culture (3 Manhattan locations – UWS and Morningside Heights)

Book Court (Brooklyn) (This one was a little strange. I couldn’t find the ebook, and the paperback only comes up if I search by ISBN 9781496027511.)

Word Bookstores (Brooklyn and Jersey City)

images-1And by the way, I will get less of the lana from indie stores than if you buy at Amazon, but what the hell, it’s the holidays as Thelma Ritter didn’t say in Miracle on 34th Street. And yeah, I know there are like a million indie bookstores in New York (not anymore), and it’s kind of pathetic I could only find 9 (including the branches) that have the book on their website. But let’s rejoice anyway! Also if you happen to be in your local bookstore not posted here, you could try to order the paperback using the above-referenced ISBN. If you post a selfie of yourself picking up a copy at any brick & mortar store, I might even consider that mugworthy! If you include the person who sold it to you, you both deserve to be mugged!

And a final thought, if you live far away from New York City and the last local indie-book shop where you are has long since been shuttered, you could take a little bite of the Big Apple by buying online from one of the above.

PS If any of the bookstores mentioned happen to stop by you’re welcome and please don’t be a stranger.





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