S&M at the Met Opera?


An opera

And “they” say opera isn’t edgy! The Metropolitan Opera’s current production of Bartok’s Bluebeard’s Castle, stars German soprano Nadja Michael as a Hitchcock-blonde Judith being led by her mysterious husband Bluebeard on a tour of various rooms in his castle.


Not an opera — YET!

Doesn’t sound very different than a certain upcoming film?

Maybe next season they’ll go all out with a new opera, featuring the adventures of both Anastasia and Judith — Two Blindfolded Girls. FSOG started as fan fiction, so why not a mash-up, with music?

Meantime, my alleged alter-ego some writer, claiming to be the real me, has written a review of the current production at the Met.

(Hey, did you know you’ve reached the web home of Blood Diva? It’s the smart, sexy new novel that imagines the real-life woman on whom La Traviata was based as a vampire “it” girl in modern day Brooklyn. Go take a look! You know you wanna.)

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