editing for self-publishers

Progress Report

dickens writingI was really hoping to have the “hot” book of the summer, but at the rate I’m going, maybe fall is more realistic. The advantage of self-publishing is that you control the process, but that only takes you so far, and there are still other people involved. I’m getting tech-help on the cover image. I am listening to comments and critique from beta-readers. What I am not doing is paying for an editor and or proofreader. My reasons for this, aside from money, are long and complex. Let’s just I’m better qualified than most of the people I’d be able to hire, and some of the betas are too. However, the job is tough, and it’s even tougher when it’s your own work. In order to overcome the problems inherent in proofing one’s own work, I’m using various techniques. Here are some of them: