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Your Sunday Vampy Film Review – Dracula’s Daughter (1936)

imgres-6You might have seen Dracula’s Daughter at some point. A classic horror marathon on TCM or somewhere? Maybe not. While there’s an intriguing trailer with some hint that this lady vamp has no particular gender preference when it comes to the blood-sucking, generally there’s less action of any kind in this relatively short feature than you might be hoping for.

I’ll be giving a recap with running commentary, so there will be spoilers ahead. (Not that it matters, everything that’s going to happen is telegraphed.) If you want to play at home, you can get the movie on DVD through Netflix. It’s not rentable for streaming on Netflix, Amazon,or Youtube, but if you google you might find it somewhere –though I can’t vouch for the legality. Just pour yourself a drink at every trope and you’ll enjoy it. (To read the rest of this vampy review, just click the “read more” button on your right.)

The New England Vampire Panic

images-2Hey kids what have we learned today about the connection between consumption (tuberculosis) and vampires?

Let’s start with tuberculosis. Tuberculosis a bacterial disease that’s deadly if untreated, but these days it can be cured by antibiotics. It’s spread by microscopic droplets when people speak, sneeze, cough, etc. People with compromised immune systems are especially vulnerable.

Of course once upon a time people didn’t know about bacteria or why people in the same household or

Vamps NOT Like Us

carmilla imagesSomewhere in my virtual travels I came across feedback another author had gotten on her as yet unpublished vampire novel. The story involved a not so youthful, zoftig vampire who was also a mom. The reader loved the idea of a vampire with whom she could identify.

I get it. Some readers like characters who are “like” them. They love, especially in escapist

Well of Course Other People Had the Same Idea

When the idea of “Marie Duplessis, Vampire” first came to me, it felt so right that I was convinced someone else must have thought of it first, but I looked on google using those three little words, and got nada. According to what I can find in my existing documents, I first started a working draft on 4/23/2013. It may have been earlier because I sometimes wind up with multiple documents and cull them. In fact, the 4/23 document is no longer in my hard drive, but I had emailed it to myself in case of a massive system eff-up. Yes, I know this is what cloud drives are for.

The number of people I’ve mentioned this project to is exceedingly small and none of them cared enough to repeat it. I do not believe I was overheard by any writers or down-on-their-heels movie producers, but that might make a good premise for a novel, which I’m sure someone has already written.

The day before yesterday, I was checking to see if this blog would come up in a google search. Again I used those three magic words – because someone has got to be looking for this great product I’m selling, right?

One of the first things to come up was a someone else’s blog post from July 2013