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Please Trash My Book

I’ve been writing and researching ezines and blogs, reaching out directly to ask for reviews. One big problem I’ve run into – a lot of places won’t even consider self-published books. imgresMany of them used to review “indies” but stopped. The reasons were somewhat variable, ranging from no reason to lengthy explanations that usually hit on a few of the same issues – lack of quality control, overwhelming number of submissions and oh yeah – batshite crazy authors who go into stalker mode when they get less than stellar reviews.

Keeping Up Appearances

Trying to keep up with my blogging is hard work. While I work on the next really life changing post about Mystic Falls versus Sunnydale or something, I thought I’d just share this video clip I found on the youtube. It’s images of Marie Duplessis and her fictional counterparts. What they do to Verdi here is truly criminal so you might want to turn off the sound, but the visuals really show how the myth of Marie has continued to invade our consciousness.

So What Do YOU Think of the Cover?

latestblooddivaI may not have the book ready yet, but here’s the cover. How did I come up with it? A happy accident I assure you. I had in mind something Galetea-like. I know that may surprise you as the book is a kind of vampire-mash up with a “real” historical figure, but she’s a figure who invented herself with a little help from the men in her life, and she’s more likable when we see her that way.

LafontainedecoquillagesI was thinking of maybe a statue of a lady on a pedestal dripping blood. I was searching through images and somehow found this one by Georges Barbier.  I’d never heard of Barbier before, but as it turned out, I think this was a perfect choice. He often drew women who were both innocent and dangerous and did opera posters as well. As you can see, I made some changes. It’s not water flowing in our illustration, but blood. There’s a dash more red on the lips, and the figure is