Only Lovers Left Alive review

Review — Only Lovers Left Alive — Pomo Vamp Art Film



If you call your main characters, “Adam” and “Eve” you’re probably going for metaphor. But for the life of me, the deeper meaning of Jim Jarmusch’s retro-stylish pomo vampire art film, Only Lover’s Left Alive eludes me.

The undead Adam (Tom Hiddleston) lives in Detroit which here appears to be an almost uninhabited post-acopolyptic landscape. Not literally, but when out driving at night there are few other cars and no pedestrians. He’s a musician with a severe case of ennui. He’s suicidally depressed and blames it mostly on the living for having made such a mess of things and are terminally stupid.

He gets his blood from a hospital worker. Under this movie’s rules, it