Well of Course Other People Had the Same Idea

When the idea of “Marie Duplessis, Vampire” first came to me, it felt so right that I was convinced someone else must have thought of it first, but I looked on google using those three little words, and got nada. According to what I can find in my existing documents, I first started a working draft on 4/23/2013. It may have been earlier because I sometimes wind up with multiple documents and cull them. In fact, the 4/23 document is no longer in my hard drive, but I had emailed it to myself in case of a massive system eff-up. Yes, I know this is what cloud drives are for.

The number of people I’ve mentioned this project to is exceedingly small and none of them cared enough to repeat it. I do not believe I was overheard by any writers or down-on-their-heels movie producers, but that might make a good premise for a novel, which I’m sure someone has already written.

The day before yesterday, I was checking to see if this blog would come up in a google search. Again I used those three magic words – because someone has got to be looking for this great product I’m selling, right?

One of the first things to come up was a someone else’s blog post from July 2013