post-modern vampire

Too much or too little information?

Potential readers, I need your help.

imagesI set out to write an entertaining little fiction, a commuter read with some naughty bits. But to paraphrase Ms Tina Turner, I never do anything nice and easy. But how you could write about Marie Duplessis and make her a images-1vampire in the 21st century and not reference La Traviata? Somewhere in the world, it’s probably being performed even as I write this. How could my Marie not have an opinion about her

Buzz — Still Doing It Wrong

Not me! Doris Lessing with ancient pre-internet catStill putting the polish on my book – awaiting feedback from my minions, endless rounds of proofreading, line-by-line edits, etc – trying to see how much I can do “on my own” — book production-wise — and coming up against limits where I least expect them.

For those paying attention, this isn’t my first SP experience, but I’m determined to make it my best.

Meantime, because I can’t just reread the damn thing twenty-four hours a day, I’ve been working on