proofreading tricks for self-publishing

One Neat Trick to Proofread Your Book

fycexitjrphkc1ibqyyd077ko1_400The editing process for Blood Diva has proved endless. Of course, for “real” (traditionally) published books there are several layers of editing and it can take MONTHS to ready a book for publication. You know what? It should take even longer for self-published works. It’s not that self-editing can’t be done, but I don’t believe it should ever be purely “self” editing. There have to at least be beta readers, and maybe one brave soul going over a “final” version for typos. However, ultimately, if you aren’t paying for it, no one else is responsible for editing or proofreading your work. And if you are self-publishing, even if you are “paying for it,” ultimately you’re still responsible.