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jpeg-1Per the previous post, the Guardian’s willingness to review a “self-published book of the month” is huge, but the reality is the review is posted online only (kind of like a lot of books) and away from the rest of the book blog lest there be any contamination or chance that anyone not looking for it will find it. Honestly, trying to find it is like navigating in New Jersey without a GPS.  This month’s premiere review managed to

I Am Not John Galt

Godzilla v MothraIs it alright to admit I really don’t care about the current war between Hachette and Amazon? As a self-published author, Amazon has been good to me. Not great. They are not my friend. They take a nice cut out of my almost nonexistent sales, but they have allowed me into the club – not out of kindness, but for reasons of their own. They have offered me and thousands of losers like me a platform to reach readers and that’s something. It is not, contrary to what anyone says “an even playing field” — but it is something. And in this case, something is better than the closed doors of publishing houses and circular files of literary agencies.

Too much or too little information?

Potential readers, I need your help.

imagesI set out to write an entertaining little fiction, a commuter read with some naughty bits. But to paraphrase Ms Tina Turner, I never do anything nice and easy. But how you could write about Marie Duplessis and make her a images-1vampire in the 21st century and not reference La Traviata? Somewhere in the world, it’s probably being performed even as I write this. How could my Marie not have an opinion about her