What My Sockpuppets Are Saying

images-4No, humorless fools, I do not have any real sockpuppets. No one is saying anything about my new book because — it hasn’t even been published yet!

But here are some things I hope people will say:

Blood Diva is the bestest book ever!

It’s like Dexter if Dexter were a female vampire who used to be a hooker.

Finally, vampire erotica for opera lovers!

I prefer this version of Violetta meets Germont to the original.

La Traviata with vampires!

Who doesn’t love a beautiful sociopath?

If you’ve ever wanted to kill someone, this is the book for you.

Fuck emo vampires!

Putting the vamp back in vampire.

At last smut for smart people!

A meditation on fame, infamy, celebrity and love. Plus hot girl on girl action.

Plenty of Easter eggs for opera fans.

Alphonsine is the Scarlet O’Hara of vampires, or for you highbrows, the Becky Sharpe.

Holly Golightly, vampire!

It’s like the love child of Anne Rice, Jean Rhys, and Patricia Highsmith.

Anastasia who?

Nice antidote to the usual dour “isn’t it horrible to be young and beautiful forever, we are damned” post-modern vampire drivel.

But does it have a happy ending?



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