Where Things Stand

Blood Diva is currently going through a final phase of beta-reads, edits, proofreading. Advanced review copies should be ready in about a month and publishing could happen sometime in May.

Quick turnaround — made possible by self-published. I must thank my Amazon overlords, even while bitching and moaning about Kindle Select restrictions and how I’d run the place if I were Jeff for a day. 

Why I am going it on my own?

So many reasons and believe me, you don’t want all those details, but the need for speed is certainly a factor. I started working on this shortly before the publication of Julie Kavanaugh’s excellent biography of Marie Duplessis, which was followed very soon after by a Liesl Schillinger’s modern translation of The Lady of the Camellias. I thought I’d better hurry and get this out while Marie is still hot.

Then again, Marie is ALWAYS hot. Somewhere in the world an opera company is performing La Traviata, a reader is discovering the novel by Alexandre Dumas fils, or an old-movie buff is crying over Camille.

But, no matter what is going on Marie-wise, I won’t publish before it’s ready – another advantage to being my own boss, and one I wish more self-publishers would take advantage of.

The problem with going my own way is how will anyone even know I’m here? That’s not rhetorical. If you have any ideas on how to get the word out, please drop me a line. I stink at publicity.

(At the moment I’m having some tech type problems and comments are off. You can always write me with feedback at vmgauthor@yahoo.com.)


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