You Can Still Get Blood Diva FREE. Here’s How…

blooddiva_pass2 (1)The never to be repeated five days of Blood Diva totally FREE on Kindle are over. Will this help boost sales of my well-reviewed but not exactly bestselling sexy, campy, vampire masterpiece for high-brow types who like a little smut with their serving of culture and deep philosophical musings? Aside from me, who cares?

This post is about you, gentle reader, and how you can still read Blood Diva for FREE, and why you might want to.

They say she died for loveYou might be saying, “Hey if I want to read a book for free, I can go to the library.” You’re right. Most people don’t care if a book is free or not. They care about whether or not they want to read it. There are a gazillion 99 cent and free books out there that don’t interest you. You buy the books you want to read, and you read the books you want to buy. Any writer who thinks giving it away is a magic formula is daft.

However, let’s say you stumbled on to this post, and you’re thinking:

“Maybe I would like to read a genre-bending vampire tale that’s been called a game-changer, but I’ve never heard of it or its author, and I’d rather not spend money on something that might totally suck and embarrass me to own.”


“Courtesans, vampires, Brooklyn! What’s not to love? But I just spent my last $3.99 getting a tall latte at Starbucks, and have no more dinero! What to do?

I get it. But if you’re afraid to commit or you just can’t afford to, I’m going to give you four ways you can read the Marie Duplessis vampire novel for opera lovers without having to pay for it:

1) Do you have Amazon Prime? Do you own a Kindle device? If you answered yes, to both those questions, did you know that one of the benefits of having Prime and owning a Kindle is you can borrow books from the Amazon Kindle Owner’s Lending Library? And did you know that Blood Diva is one of the eligible books?

2) Do you read ebooks using the Kindle app on any device? (Phone, tablet, laptop, etc?) Do you have an Amazon account? (Hint: You do if you’ve ever bought anything on Amazon.) If that was “yes” and “yes,” then you can try a one-month FREE no obligation trial membership of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited streaming service. You can read Blood Diva, and anything else you want (up to 10 books at a time) within the 30 days, cancel and pay nothing, or continue the service if you decide it’s a great deal.

3) Do you need a gift for a friend? Buy a gorgeous paperback copy of Blood Diva from Amazon, and you can claim a copy of the ebook FREE for yourself! (Ok, the paperback will cost you $12.00, but that’s still not a lot for a gift, and you’re saving the cost of the e-book, which you’ll own!)

4) Let’s say you read the reviews and maybe a sample or excerpt and you’re dying to read Blood Diva,  but your reading habit is out of control and you really can’t spend even a very reasonable $3.99 for the ebook. Or let’s say you live in a country (I’m talking to you, Australia!) where that (How is this possible?) doesn’t have “Amazon Prime” or “Kindle Unlimited.” You may still be eligible to get a free copy if you agree to write an honest review, which can be VERY short, and post it on Amazon. Please read the details if you’re interested.

So no need to curse the fates if you missed your chance for the freebie. There are lots of ways for you not to have to pay for it, and none of them involve downloading from any suspicious torrent site that wants to kidnap your computer and steal your info.

And you know what? All of the above options HELP me, so no need to feel like you’re taking advantage of my desperation. I get paid for “borrows” through Kindle Unlimited or the Kindle Lender’s Library. If you buy the paperback, I’ll get a royalty on that, and giving you the ebook doesn’t cost me anything. Same with the review copies. I don’t lose money sending it to you, and your review, even if it’s not glowing, will help me sell more books. So it’s a win-win all around.

Why not pick an option and do it now?’

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